Welcome to our new website!!



You can now shop our products online!!

Follow this link to our SHOP page:


Due to the current health issues affecting everyone, we have suspended in person events indefinitely.

We apologize for that,and we will have our webstore up as soon as possible,

so you can purchase our goods online.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!


We are always adding more content, and we will have

online purchasing options, our webstore,

online within the coming weeks.

*Mobile users please remember the COLLECTIONS tab has a pull down menu to see our individual works and their pages.

We are very excited that we will be expanding our brand-including more unique jewelry and accessories,photography and more.

In 2020 our works will be almost exclusively available online,(we will be doing very select local events in Wilmington,NC and surrounding areas, but in the future focusing on bringing our brand around the country and beyond,with very limited in person events),and we will be shipping to all of the US and overseas.

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