The Laces Story

The Laces is the collective artistic efforts of Steph and Chris Hart.

Steph is an artist/musician born and raised in NY.

Chris is an artist/musician born and raised in NC.

Together they have settled into the artistic community nestled in Wilmington,NC.

Over the years they have entrenched themselves in

all aspects of the artistic community here.

Including but not limited to:

-live music performances, performance art exhibits, experimental art and music and collaborations, community activism, promotion and organization of various music and artist exhibitions and concerts, socially conscience gatherings,

rallies for the people, and much more.

In their own words:

"We enjoy creating-whether it's music, our art, jewelry, and more-

from things that have come before-so the creations

we forge can find new lives with new owners.

We're excited and passionate about our work and sharing the

joy and individuality of it all with everyone!"

Check out everything we do here on the site-we look forward to expanding our brand and very soon offering online purchasing options! Thanks for checking us out!"

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